Design to Succeed

This intensive course will disrupt how you design, host, and facilitate your remote work and collaboration.
Learn a method, equip yourself with tools to motivate your team and employees, and harvest the benefits of what a global team can accomplish.

Learn to:
  • Master a new visual framework
  • Design holistic processes
  • Design engaging Miro boards
  • Ignite Creativity 
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  • Live online course
  • Highly interactive
  • Tools and templates
  • 6-12 co-learners
  • Exclusive to employees of larger enterprises, institutions, and NGO's
  • Before July 1st € 250 (after 325 €) 
Novo Nordisk Employees: When enrolling to a Visual Collaboration Academy course:  
  • Payment will be handled by MLS (no PO is needed).
  • Use coupon code "NOVO24" (price will show as 0 €, but course price will be billed later through MLS).
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to OR to preferred vendor  

High-level agenda

You will learn to...

Master a
new framework

Enabling you to create
unique and innovative
online collaboration.

Design holistic

We teach you to design purpose-driven processes that are continually easy to improve and scale. 

Design engaging
Miro boards 

By using simple building blocks that support human behavior and streamline your value creation in the digital space. 


By boosting your repertoire of practical and effective tools to engage and collaborate.

You and your co-learners

This course is for anyone who wants to humanize how to work and collaborate online. Engagement is necessary if we want to succeed in our remote environment. Learn to lead conversations, meetings, workshops, and projects with a human-centered approach and get things done - efficiently. This course is for you if you facilitate collaboration and teamwork in your day-to-day job.

The diverse co-learner constellation of this course will spark creativity, innovation, and new perspectives.

You do not need any facilitation skills to join. This course will bring precious process hacks so you will create holistic, inspiring, and practical online experiences your participants will love to be part of.

Course Learning Arena

This is The Design Lab - A Visual Learning Arena, where we immerse you in Process Design methodology and tools. Prepare for an engaging and inspiring learning experience in this dynamic virtual meeting space.


What you need to attend


We love to see your face and hear your voice. A camera, a good microphone, and a large screen are key for this session.


We run the course using Teams. Before the session you receive an invite with ID and password.


We use the digital platform - Miro; It is central to know the Miro basics to get a good learning experience.

Personal Case

We kindly ask you to think of a collaboration or teamwork exercise you must conduct shortly. Bring your thoughts.


We invite you to jump on the Teams call 10 minutes before the session to ensure a soft landing.

How you will learn

 Coherent method

Learn by system: Design and visualize your own using a methodology for visual collaboration - Systemic and scalable.


Learn by playing: Test, try, sketch, fail, laugh, and try again - Serious fun with pen to paper is the way 

Case studies

Learn by example: See how organizations such as LEGO, the UN, SAP, IKEA, and the Red Cross have incorporated a more visual way of working.

Peer coaching

Learn from each other: Give and receive feedback in small safe learning spaces where different personalities, experiences, and goals bring insight into diverse perspectives.

Course details

Design to Succeed

Learning kit

A curated collection of video tutorials, self-tests, method tools, and e-book.

Certificate of completion

Self-assessments, tests and a digital certificate after successful course completion. 

Industry-leading instructors

Content experts, adult learning specialists, senior visual facilitators and Miro masters. 

Exclusive toolbox

A tailor-made visual framework and Miro templates. 

Course duration

3½ hour live online course

Course participants

Join a group of 6-12 co-learners


Lea Im Obersteg

Head of Collaborative Innovation
GF Piping Systems

This course is for anyone who works in a social context, no matter if is in a virtual or in-person setting. 

Claudio Nichele

Knowledge Management and Visual Thinker European Commission (JRC)

[What makes this couse great...] is the overall structure which is extremely coherent. The approach was professional. Visuals are not a gadget but really presented as an essential tool for collaboration

Susan Douglas

Associate Professor of Practice

Vanderbilt University

You will be a better teacher - it's not just an opportunity to learn some valuable tools and skills, which you will do. You learn the underlying theory and a systemic approach to collaboration by creating visual learning arenas. 

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