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We host free monthly Academy Meetups where you meet other academy users and learn about new courses, tools and events. You will always walk away having strengthened your thinking, communication and collaboration skills. 

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What participants say

Five star experience. Very clear and user-friendly explanations. Very good participation options.
Webinar participant
You gave a clear agenda and focused on a few facts (no overload).
Webinar participant
Great to be able to collaborate with other participants and get some drawing practice at the same time.
Webinar participant

Webinar Series Lineup

Academy Meetups

In our workshop space we host bi-weekly Meetups where you get a thorough introduction and tour of all the Academy can do for you.  

Drawing Bootcamp

We love to draw. In our Drawing Bootcamps we draw everything relevant for various organizational topics. 

Design Lab

In our Design Labs we visually think through and experiment with different meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences and processes.

Question Greenhouse

What makes a good question? Relevant. Inspiring. Unanswered...and? In our Question Greenhouse we take a closer look at how to seed and cultivate powerful questions. 

Template Factory

A good template can structure a dialogue and help focus and shorten an important meeting. In  our Template Factory we explore the design and production of great templates. 

Playbook Kitchen

A playbook is like a good recipe: A clear result, the needed ingredients and the process of making the dish. In our Playbook we explore what makes a great meeting playbook. 

We use MIRO and MURAL to run our webinars