We are a team of passionate listeners, synthesizers, designers, illustrators, cartoonists, movie makers and facilitators ready to help you learn and apply a new way of working.

Loa Baastrup

Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Loa designs and facilitates scale strategy processes and has trained more than 1000 people in visual facilitation. Loa is co-author Visual Collaboration.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Ole has more than 15 years of international experience in facilitating and assisting leadership teams in cultivating a more visual way of working. He is the co-author of Visual Collaboration.‍

Jacob Ackey Wolf

Designer, illustrator
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Jacob is a designer and illustrator, with a masters in Play Design from  Kolding Designskole. He can turn any idea or thought into visuals, whether it's on a stickie note or a mural.

Marius Klausen

Video development & production
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Marius Klausen is devoted to making a difference in the world of new media and focuses on making unforgettable videos with Bigger Picture.

Sofie Lind Mesterton

Illustrator, trainer
Illustrator, trainer
Sofie is an illustrator with a background in the Royal Danish School of Design. She uses visuals to turn complexity into visual clarity. Sofie is the co-illustrator of Visual Collaboration.

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