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Visual Collaborators Club

We are a group of professionals who meet every month, share work, give and get feedback, and benefit from access to all academy resources and any needed support from academy instructors. Everyone in the club has completed the Visual Collaboration LIVE Signature Course and are signed up for the Professional Subscription plan.  
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Peer and instructor feedback & coaching

Grow you skills with the help of a trusted network of professionals eager to see you take the next step 

Unlimited access to resources

Get the best out of all the academy has to offer of resources (icons, tempates, playbooks and workspaces)

Specials and rebates on select workshops

Be the first to join new initiatives, get special deals on academy launches and use new resources before anyone else. 

Academy learning and support

Continue the learning with updates and support when you need it

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For anyone having completed a Visual Collaboration Signature LIVE Course

Next Visual Collaboration Signature LIVE courses 

Next club meetings

Check out the calendar - look for these  
What: First Tuesday
When: First Tuesday every month @ 5.00-6.30 pm CET
Info: Club members only
 Mail to get invite
What: Third Monday 
When: 3rd Monday  every month @ 5.00-6.00 pm CET
Info: Club members only
 Mail to get invite

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