Miro Mastery 1

Are you a Miro user on beginner, novice or intermediate level? No matter which, join this course to take your Miro skills to the next level. Learn how to use the essential tools and basic features Miro has to offer. 

Learn to
  • Create, name and share your boards
  • Use Miro's basic tools, shortcuts, apps and templates
  • Import files and create presentations
  • Manage board settings, history and versioning 
  • Use Miro's basic facilitation and collaboration tools  
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  • Live online course
  • Highly interactive
  • Access tools and templates
  • 6-12 co-learners
  • Exclusive to employees of larger enterprises, institutions, and NGO's
  • € 435 / person

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Courses are exclusive to employees of larger enterprises, institutions, and NGO's. 
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Get a full Miro
ecosystem overview

Discover all that Miro has to offer and decide how you get the most out of Miro. 

Map your current and next Miro skill level

Self assess which features, tools and skills you already master, and which focus on. 

Develop a plan for how you use Miro

Understand the different ways to use Teams, Projects and Boards, and define your own Miro guidelines.

Practice, practice,

With bite-size exercises for all levels, you will be able to build on what you know and reach new skills.

You and your co-learners

There are many ways to use Miro: As a thinking tool, a presentation tool, a collaboration tool, and...the list is almost endless. The key is to find the way that works for you.

This course is for anyone who has recently discovered Miro and wants to go to the next level.
(If you have been using Miro regularly for more than a year, check out Miro Mastery 2).

The diverse co-learner constellation of this course will expand ways to use Miro. Everyone attending will discover their own level and development possibilities. You do not need any Miro or facilitation skills to join. 

Course Learning Arena

The course will take place in the Miro Mall, a seven story workspace, where you can visit the levels that best address your needs. Engage with peers from same level, or learn from those on levels below or above you. Find exercises and tools, and gather relevant knowledge tips and trips. Miro Mastery 1 is mainly concentrated on the first three levels. 

What you need to attend


We love to see your face and hear your voice. A camera, a good microphone, and a large screen are key for this session.


We run the course using Teams. Before the session you receive an invite with ID and password.


We use the digital platform - Miro; It is central to know the Miro basics to get a good learning experience.

Personal Case

We kindly ask you to bring examples of Miro boards  you have created, and your thoughs on future needs. 


We invite you to jump on the Teams call 5 minutes before the session to ensure a soft landing.

How you will learn

 Coherent method

Learn by system: Design and visualize your own using a methodology for visual collaboration - Systemic and scalable.


Learn by playing: Test, try, sketch, fail, laugh, and try again - Serious fun with pen to paper is the way. 

Case studies

Learn by example: See how organizations such as LEGO, the UN, SAP, IKEA, and the Red Cross have incorporated a more visual way of working.

Peer coaching

Learn from each other: Give and receive feedback in small safe learning spaces where different personalities, experiences, and goals bring insight into diverse perspectives.

Course details

Miro Mastery 1

Learning kit

A curated collection of video tutorials, self-tests, method tools, and e-book.

Certificate of completion

Self-assessments, tests and a digital certificate after successful course completion. 

Industry-leading instructors

Content experts, adult learning specialists, senior visual facilitators and Miro masters. 

Exclusive toolbox

A tailor-made visual framework and Miro templates. 

Course duration

3½ hour live online course

Course participants

Join a group of 6-12 co-learners

What course participants say

Project manager

Novo Nordisk

The great amount of inspiration and tips shared simply from the way you had set up course use of Miro and its many applications. Furthermore, the differentiation of input dependent on skill level functioned really well.


Gentofte Municipality

Good and friendly environment. Numbers of participants were appropriate. A very nice and inspiring board prepared at the course.


Goldin Institute 

It was beneficial that the skills' level and interests were assessed during the course and that served as basis for the "lessons" provided.
Our courses score an average of 4.5 out of 5.

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