Visual Thinker

Solve complex problems with visuals, and make a visible difference in any meeting by mastering how to use simple visual techniques to create clarity and spice up your presentations and storytelling.

  • 3½ hours live online course
  • Highly interactive
  • Instant feedback
  • Immediate implementation
  • 6-18 participants
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Who is this course for?

If you want to learn how drawings can bring clarity in thinking and communication, this course is for you. 
No drawing skills required. 300.000+ people has learnt the method taught in this course and are using it for...everything!
  • Project managers 
  • Meeting facilitators 
  • Scrum masters
  • UX / UI designers
  • Product owners 
  • Sales people
  • Teachers / trainers
  • Graphic designers

What does the course cover?

Why draw?

Drawing sets you free since you are not bound to visuals, icons, and templates that already exist.

Everybody can draw

You will learn to create drawings you never thought possible with simple tips, tricks, and tools. 

Your professional visual language

We can create a visual language tailored directly to your area of expertise. 


30 minutes


Welcome to a more visual way of working 
60 minutes

Sprint 1

Use basic shapes and seven elements to draw anything
60 minutes

Sprint 2

Discover and grow your own professional visual language
60 minutes


Learn how bring your visual skills to offline and online meetings using pen, paper and digital whiteboards

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What's included in the price?

  • Questionaire
  • Miro self test
  • Access to "Learning Arena" Miro board
  • 3½ hours engaging online session 
  • Maximum 18 participants
  • 2 trainers 
  • Course material (e-book)
  • Course templates in Miro
  • Continued access to Academy & "Learning Arena"  Miro board
  • Course certificate
  • Possibility of purchase of additional individual and team coaching

What you need to attend


You need a camera, a good microphone and preferably two screens. We also recommend using mouse.


We run the courses using Teams. Before each session you receive an invite with ID and password. 


We use the digital whiteboard Miro in all our courses. If you don't have, we provide guest access. 

Pen & Paper

We often use simple sketching to prototype and communicate ideas. No prior skills required.


Set aside time to prepare, get the tech working, and arrive. Courses often have pre-assignments. 

Course features

Visual Tools

We use powerful visual tools to ensure effective learning and skill building. 

Learning Space

We use predesigned learning spaces to host and harvest our learnings.  


We use certification as documentation for your new found capabilities. 

Case work + peer coaching

We work, test, present, and receive feedback and coaching from each other. 

Course Learning Space

 We use this "Course Room" as visual learning space to support the learning before, during and after the course.
You can enter and get a sense of how it works here (MIRO board).

What participants say

Great combination of instruction and hands on opportunity to participate.

Marge Dolan

All of the content is AMAZING. Super engaging workshop. I learned a lot and have tools I can use immediately in my work.

Kathleen Bright

It was a fully packed workshop. Rich in different exercises, a very thought through approach and beautifully executed.  

Marianne Berendse

Meet your instructors

Loa Baastrup
Co-author of Visual Collaboration
Loa designs and facilitates large scale strategy processes and has trained more than 1500 people in Visual Collaboration Loa is co-author of Visual Collaboration.
Jacob Ackey Wolf
Designer, illustrator
Jacob is a designer and illustrator with a master's in Play Design from DSKD. He can turn any idea into engaging visuals that resonate.
Ole Qvist-Sørensen
Co-author of Visual Collaboration
Ole has 20+ years of international experience in assisting leadership teams in cultivating a more visual way of working.
Ole is co-author of Visual Collaboration.‍
Bettina Gulya
Process facilitator
Bettina is a highly experienced UX designer and trainer. She is a master at getting anyone back on track if devices tease or tools freeze. 

Need an introduction before you sign up?

Visual Wednesday

Our free bi-weekly one hour webinar is your chance to get a sneak peak into our course lineup and Visual Collaboration System tools and boards. Discover how courses are run, and understand more about the skills you learn and the tools you get. Meet the instructors and ask any question before sign up. 

Want to talk and explore options?

Schedule a free 15 minute exploration call

We are here to help you secure that your needs find the right match. Book a call with Ole to talk about interests, formats and possibilities. 

Get started with a chapter of our award-winning book 

The book "Visual Collaboration" is the foundation for all courses in the academy. It is translated into eight languages. Get the introduction chapter in English for free and be super prepared for your class.
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Winner at the Independent Press Awards for best design.

Bronze medal winner at the Axiom Business Book Awards.

Rated ☆☆☆☆☆ by leading Danish newspaper Børsen.

What readers say

Nancy Duarte
CEO at and best-selling author Slideology
This book gives you the building blocks for meetings, processes or projects. It works as a new language for collaboration. In a world where we need tools and approaches to tackle our complex world this book can help you come up with solutions that work.
Olga Svyrydenko
Business Strategy Lead GlobalTraining Partner Program  Microsoft
In my current role at Microsoft I don’t have the luxury of working with people face to face, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and avoiding cultural or language barriers in our teams
Donato Carparelli
Head Global Product Innovation, Schindler Elevator Ltd
Visual Collaboration is an inspiring guide for anyone who is interested in a more visual approach to organizing and hosting meetings and workshops. The book walks the reader step-by-step from discovering a new visual language to enabling others to work more visually. As a reader one doesn’t only find helpful hands-on tips but also inspirational templates which can be easily customized for any kind of meeting and workshop