Welcome to our webinars

Join us to get a taste of our work.
We host a free monthly webinar (Academy Kickoff's) where you get appetizers of everything before jumping in.
Or you can sign up for one of our upcoming webinar series where we explore key areas of visual collaboration. For each area we use a visual metaphor to inspire the exploration. 

Academy Kickoff

Welcome to our "classroom". Monthly sessions that gives you a thorough academy kickstart -  a tour of all the Academy can do for you.  

Drawing Bootcamp

We love to draw. Join us for this Webinar Series where we in 5 sessions draw everything relevant for various organizational topics. 

Design Lab

In our Design Lab Webinar Series we visually think through different processes. Each Lab is 5 Sessions with a high level of engagement. 

Question Greenhouse

What makes a good question? Relevant. Inspiring. Unanswered...and? In our Question Greenhouse we spend 5 sessions taking a closer look at how to cultivate powerful questions. 

Template Factory

A good template can structure a dialogue and help focus and shorten an important meeting. In  this Webinar Series we spend 5 sessions exploring the production of great templates. 

Playbook Kitchen

A Playbook is like a good recipe: A clear result, the needed ingredients and the process of making the dish. In these 5 sessions we explore what makes a great meeting playbook.