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We have designed a set of LIVE online workshops that we regularly host. They are characterized by being engaging, fun, and productive. Which one will suit you? If you want a workshop for your team, please send us an e-mail

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The Five Building Blocks

Get an introduction to all five building blocks and discover how visual collaboration can being value to you and your team. 

Learning To Draw

Making simple drawings, illustrations and sketches strengthens your thinking, communication and collaboration. 

Design Your Collaboration

To visually think through a meeting gets you and your team aligned having a higher chance of success. 

The Art Of Questions

Asking questions are often more important than finding answers. Questions bring creativity and different perspectives to the table. 

Creating Engaging Templates

A template can focus a strategic dialogue. With just a few visuals and a couple of powerful questions you can make engaging templates.  

Prepare to Scale

A playbook is a document for others to follow in order to reach a good result. Making it clear and easy to use is key. 

Team Alignment

Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? And how do you get there? This workshop helps your team get the same page. 

Exponential Learning

One role of teachers today is to provide a scaffold for the learning of the students. Working visually in class can tenfold the shared learning.  

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