With the war in Ukraine there is a growing need for tools to address the complexity of the unfolding crisis. At NGO level on the ground in Ukraine, at the borders and in all the countries in Europe who are welcoming refugees fleeing the war.

Based on the situation in Denmark, a partnergroup is developing a set of easy to use visual tools for creating clarity, understanding and joint action. 
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Download PDF version of poster for Integration Process in Gentofte Municipality:
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Introduction to poster

Learn about who, why and how you can participate

A picture is worth a thousand words

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An integration process explained in one picture

Watch this 4 minute walkthrough of the visual poster giving an overview of an integration process in Denmark 
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This is how you can create your own visual stories

Learn how you can use an online whiteboard to edit the poster and create your own visual explanations


This is what the Ukraine Integrations Process looks like from a Danish Perspective. Take a closer look. Use curser to move around and zoom in/out. Imagine how you'd use the visuals elements to create your own visual overview. 


The poster is created using an online whiteboard where all elements can be re-arranged. There is an Album with over 300 icons about integration. These tools are avaiable for participating organizations. 

Participating organizations

As the project grow more and more organizations join to use the poster, editi it to their own contetx, and create all new visualizations to to improve the integration process. 

Gentofte Municipality
Lyngby Taarbæk Municipality
Rudersdal Municipality
Gladsaxe Municipality
Your Organization


The project started March 12th with Gentofte Municipality and Bigger Picture collaborating around local needs. This has turned into a three phase project:
  1. Test phase: Local. Roll out in Gentofte Municipality [April].
  2. Pilot phase: National: Roll out in as many of Denmarks 98 Municipalities in collaboration with NGO's [April-May].
  3. Project phase: Europe: The material is made available to local govenrment, NGO's and organizations for whom it may be valuable [May-June]. 

The project is dependent on support from foundations, institutions and private organizations. If you and your organization are interested in the project, please send an email to

This page being is updated regularly.


Gentofte Municipality
Tasked by the Danish government to handle local integration process for Ukrainians arriving in Denmark
Today, the municipality's employees use the poster for the first meeting with refugees, where they get their own copy. The reception has been very positive both among staff and refugees. It brings structure to the Danish process they are in. We are now in the process of developing several similar tools. 
Torben Frølich, Municipal Director
REDi School 
Bringing skills, network and knowledge around integration in Europe
This is one of the most innovative and systems-changing efforts that I have seen in Europe, working with visual collaboration to map needs, efforts, user journeys, and to create a shared language for making co-creation with refugees and collaboration between stakeholders more efficient.

Whereas most support goes in to direct help of refugees right now, it would be highly valuable to also invest in the infrastructure and the coordination between all the humanitarian and integration efforts out there. As well as to develop concrete and scalable collaboration tools which can be used in the future. 
Anne Kjaer Bathel, Co-founder, CEO 
Bringing a digital platform for visual collaboration and global reach
MURAL is set on a path to unlock Collaboration Design. It is a new discipline that 250M of us need to lead teams and run meetings, workflows and projects that solve complex challenges and innovate new solutions.

It is projects like this that show what true collaboration looks like. It will be people and stakeholders in projects like this who will help us get better together.
Mariano Suarez-Battan, CEO MURAL
Bigger Picture
Bringing visual method and tools to help create understanding, clarity and action
We often say that visual collaboration is needed when faxing complex situations. Understanding the larger whole paves the way for meaningful action - and engaging everyone in reaching shared ground is key to success. And...Using visuals can bridge differences in language and cultures.

With family and friends from Ukraine we saw a need and purpose in bringing our skills and tools forward to see if what we preach can bring value to a project like this. 
Ole Qvist-Sørensen, Co-founder Bigger Picture, Co-author "Visual Collaboration"