Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, tools have been needed to deal with the complexity that arises when people flee.

On this page you will find a number of tools that can support a good integration process for newly arrived refugees. The tools are free.

The tools have been developed in collaboration with the Danish authorities, but are currently used by both Danish and German municipalities.

If you are looking for atool  tailored to your municipality or organization, call us: Ole (+45 28 11 36 64) or send an email...
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Download PDF of the poster showing Gentofte Municipality's integration process, choose your recipient's preferred language:
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Poster introduction

A short video about what, why, who and how

Tutorials showing how to use the poster

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The integration process in one picture

Watch this four minute video about the integration process in Denmark. 
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Design your own poster

Watch this video to see how you can design an integration poster in your municipality.

Explore the poster

Use the mouse to move around the poster. Zoom in and out.
Imagine how you can use the visual elements to design your own overview


Sign in and get access a kit with which you can design your own tool

Icons and templates for dialogue about the integration process in your organization
A tool to design your own visual integration overview
A visual language about integration for use in your next Power Point presentation


The visual tools are developed by a strong partnership between the below stakeholders. If you need sparring or information on how to use the tools, contact one of these organisations. If you already use the tools, write to us at and we will get you on the list.

Gentofte Kommune
Lyngby Taarbæk Kommune
Rudersdal Kommune
Gladsaxe Kommune
Dansk Flygningehjælp
München Municipality
ReDI School
Your organization?

Partner reflections

This is one of the most innovative and system-changing efforts I have seen in Europe, working with visual collaboration to map needs, efforts, user journeys and to create a common language that can make co-creation with refugees and collaboration between stakeholders more effective.
Anne Kjaer Bathel
Co-founder, CEO 
It's projects like this that show what real collaboration looks like. It is people and stakeholders in projects like this that will help us become better together.

Mariano Suarez-Battan
Co-founder MURAL
In the Danish Refugee Council, we see the Integration Poster as a valuable tool to illustrate and understand the many conditions that must be put in place when a refugee comes to a municipality. Among other things, we include it as inspiration in some of our courses and teaching sessions.
Kenneth Flex
Director DRC Danish Refugee Council

Background and developments

On 12 March 2022, Gentofte Municipality and Bigger Picture started a collaboration around local needs in Gentofte.
  • Test phase: Local. Rollout in Gentofte Municipality [April 22].
  • Pilot phase: National: Rollout in several of Denmark's 98 municipalities in collaboration with NGOs [April-May 22].
  • Project phase 1: Europe: The material is made available to local authorities, NGOs and other organizations [May-June 22].
  • Project phase 2: Europe: Development of dynamic online tool about job market integration in Europe [March-May 23].

Today the project has grown and other stakeholders have adapted it to local needs. One example is Munich Municipality, where the poster has turned into a "Job Market Integration Poster". 

The project is supported by foundations, institutions and private organisations. If you and your organization are interested in the project, send an email to
This page was last updated on February 22, 2023