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A picture is worth a thousand words. Visuals speed up comprehension. 
If you want more aligned teams, increased chances of breakthrough ideas and shorter time to market
adopt a new language and cultivate visual collaboration skills.
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faster with clarity

Book a five day Sprint to get a shared understanding of your innovation process. Build skills and tools for  faster innovation.  

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Visualize your innovation process 

Book a 55 minute coaching call where we create
a first sketch of your current or future innovation process. 

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Learn a new language for Innovation

Enroll in a 30 minute self-paced online course where you learn to draw 200+ icons for your next innovation process.

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Bigger Picture & Visual Collaboration Academy

We are dedicated to helping people, teams and organizations speed up innovation with a more visual way of working. 

We deliver consulting, training, and tools that enable you, your team, and your organization to tackle complexity, accelerate change and innovate.

Enterprises practicing our method


To thrive in a global organization, you and your team need to have methods, systems, and behaviors that are both effective and valuable in remote and hybrid environments. Choose your course below and join participants from larger organizations like Maersk, Rambøll, P&G, Lego and many more. 

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Miro Mastery

Are you a Miro user on starter, intermediate or expert level? No matter which level you are on, join this course to get to the next level. Learn how to use tools and features so you can get the most out of Miro. 

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Lead with Visuals

This dynamic course will introduce various tools and frameworks to unlock your creative confidence. Making you ready to handle complexity, share knowledge, and boost collaboration - through visualization.

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Design to Succeed

Join this intessive course to strengthen your remote facilitation skills. Learn a method and get a tool to improve your next moment of impact. Experience the power of visual thinking and visual collaboration. 

7 modules x 3½ hours | 2.695 € | Live Online | 6-12 pers

Visual Collaboration Master

Embark on a journey into a new way of working. Learn to apply new skills and tools for designing and facilitating moments of impact in any remote or hybrid setting. Learn with peers, become a certified Remote Visual Collaboation Master, and get lifelong membership of our international network of professionals. 


Visual Collaboration System™: A suite of tools for better remote and hybrid collaboration and innovation.
We customize solutions to match enterprise needs.

Collaboration Space

Workshop Room

Invite your team into an engaging  workshop space. Collaborate visually, using the wall spaces, break out rooms and inventory. Create a moment of impact, reaching clarity around a burning question.  
Collaboration Space

The Bootcamp

Bring your team to the bootcamp. Run a process of several sprints where the participants are challenged, inspired and energized by the results created in a short amount of time. End the session at the campfire. 
Collaboration Space

The Lab

Experiment, test, validate and celebrate your successful work in the Lab. Get your team in a playfull and productive mode using the Lab metaphor. Inspire new ways of working. Discover new talents and ideas. 
Collaboration Space

The Factory

Run a meeting or workshop using a ready-made and easy to use "Factory" metaphor. Get your participants involved in the start to end supply chain from crops to launching products in the store  delighting customers. 
Collaboration Space

The Greenhouse

Host a workshop using a ready made and easy to use "Greenhouse" metaphor. Get your participants in the spirit of planting, cultivating, and harvesting the fruits of shared work. 
Collaboration Space

The Kitchen

Host a workshop using a ready-made and easy to use "Kitchen" metaphor. Get your participants cooking up something special. Bring the right ingredients, follow the golden recipe and reach a stunning and tasty result. 
Collaboration Space

Character Builder

Build a gallery of characters for your remote and hybrid meetings, workshops and conferences. Or invite your participants to create their own avatars for your session. Use it as as an energizer or a key element of your session. 

More Collaboration Spaces are on their way

Stay tuned
Canvases & Icons

Design Thinking 

An Album for the many people who use the methods and tools of design thinking.
Canvases & Icons

Innovation & Creativity

Icons, templates and video tutorials that will transform your work with finding new solutions.
Canvases & Icons


Learn to use a visual language to improve collaboration in the educational system.

More sets with Canvases & Icons on their way

Stay tuned

Reach out to hear more about our enterprise solutions.
We help you design and implement branded Miro boards across your organization.   

Meet our team

Loa Baastrup
Co-author of Visual Collaboration and 
Strategy Consultant  
Loa designs and facilitates large-scale strategy processes where the many need to be engaged or the few need to reach clarity or agreement around crucial decisions.
Jacob Ackey Wolf
Process illustrator, template designer,
Miro-Pen ninja 
Jacob can turn any complex idea and concept into simple, engaging visuals that resonate. Jacob is a tech super nerd who knows all the gadgets and apps in his field and beyond.
Jacob holds a master's in Play Design.
Ole Qvist-Sørensen
Co-author of Visual Collaboration and 
Strategy Consultant  
Ole is assisting global leadership teams in reaching their mission by building the foundation for how to literally work with a big-picture mindset and cultivating a more visual way of working.
Bettina Gulya
UX designer, process facilitator, and your forthcoming favorite tech support
Bettina is a master in human behavior. She knows how to get anyone back on track if devices tease or tools freeze. She is patient and calm, also when 100+ people are on the call.

What our clients say

Lindsey Effner
Senior Process Consultant
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
For anyone regularly doing virtual whiteboards, I think this course is a HUGE value. As a facilitator who is constantly seeking ways to invite active participation and overcome the virtual meeting burnout, this is a no-brainer. 
Juergen Kleinstuber
Head of Strategic-, and Performance Programs

In this course I have learned how to design and facilitate inspiring and engaging online meetings and workshops. Participants are able to see the thinking and ideas of each other. I am now using this method for preparing and running workshops and meetings about learning, sales, project set up, idea-creation and process definition.
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Visiting Assistant Professor
MIT Media Lab
What makes this course great is a combination of the facilitator, the content, the visuals, the pacing of the learning, the overall experience! I learnt a new framework of engaging visually with my topic of interest and making remote but also in-person meetings.

A trusted methodology

"Visual Collaboration" is the foundation for our work.

The book behind the method is available in English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Danish, and Ukrainian.  
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Winner at the Independent Press Awards for best design.

Bronze medal winner at the Axiom Business Book Awards.

Rated ☆☆☆☆☆ by leading Danish newspaper Børsen.

What readers say

Nancy Duarte
CEO + Best-selling author "Slideology"
This book gives you the building blocks for meetings, processes or projects. It works as a new language for collaboration. In a world where we need tools and approaches to tackle our complex world this book can help you come up with solutions that work.
Donato Carparelli
Head Global Product Innovation
Schindler Elevator Ltd
Visual Collaboration is an inspiring guide for anyone who is interested in a more visual approach to organizing and hosting meetings and workshops. The book walks the reader step-by-step from discovering a new visual language to enabling others to work more visually. As a reader one doesn’t only find helpful hands-on tips but also inspirational templates which can be easily customized for any kind of meeting and workshop
Olga Svyrydenko
Business Strategy Lead Global Training
In my current role at Microsoft I don’t have the luxury of working with people face to face, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and avoiding cultural or language barriers in our teams