Team Alignment Workspace

Are you and your peers aligned? Use the Team Alignment Workspace to align your team around your strategy, next workshop, or project launch
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The Team Alignment Workspace is a virtual whiteboard ready to help your team get on the same page. 

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Ready for both MIRO & MURAL 

About the tool

Purpose & Objectives

The Purpose of this template is for you to map and align your team around a relevant strategic topic. The objective is to arrive at shared understanding around a given strategic topic. 


Often teams are not aligned around core strategic topics. To set aside time and discuss the big questions, can help surface what needs more work and what doesn't. 

Using the tool

Make it your own so if fits your needs. Change and adjust the questions or steps so they become relevant to you and your team. Set aside enough time to prepare and 3-4 hours for the workshop it self. 

Process steps

Step 1


Walk through the agenda so everyone understands the purpose, process and objectives of the workshop[5-10 min].
Step 2


Make a short, compelling presentation to set the tone for workshop and its strategic topic [10-15 min].
Step 3


Get everyone engaged from the start, by asking each participant to check in around the topic of the workshop [15-25 min].
Step 4

Build your visual language

Invite everyone to create a visual language around your strategic topic.  [20-30 min].
Step 5

Exercise introduction

Walk through the four strategy questions you will be working on [10 min].
Step 6


Individually or in smaller groups work with the template [30-40 min].
Step 7


Participants / groups present their strategies to each other [30 min].
Step 8


Facilitate a dialogue where all templates are merged into one overall and shared strategy [20-30].
Step 9


Facilitate a dialogue about what you created and key insights, learning and new questions [10-20]
Step 10


Ask 1 or 2 check-out questions where participants voice their answers [10-15 min]
Step 11

Wrap-up and next steps

Thank everyone for their contribution and describe what happens next with the outcome [5-10 min]



Make the poster in a way that best suits your team setup and need. Let the different steps in the template inspire you.

Your questions

Add your own questions and spaces that would be valuable for your team to have a conversation about.


Use the template in MIRO or MURAL. Bring your team to the screen and work on it together.

Use visuals

Create your own icons or use the pre-made ones.

The Team Alignment template is for any team leader, project leader or manager in charge of getting everyone to contribute to the success of the team. 

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Bliss Browne

President and Founder
Imagine Chicago
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Christoph Eisenhardt, 

R&D Strategy & Change, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH
My organization invited the authors to teach us visual collaboration and to test whether a common visual language could enhance cross-departmental collaboration while creating product innovations. We are very pleased with the results. The book is a very successful and practical introduction to this more visual way of working

Olga Svyrydenko

Business Strategy Lead 
Global Training Partner Program
In my current role at Microsoft I don’t have the luxury of working with people face to face, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and avoiding cultural or language barriers in our teams

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