Visual collaboration support


One to one consulting and coaching on your visual collaboration needs. We can help you with design, facilitation, illustration and video production for face to face and remote meetings. 

What is it?

We address a specific need you have by assigning a consultant with the skills you required to get the job at hand done.  

Through conversations and shared work, our team of proffessionals on an hour to our basis help you reach success. 

Design and facilitation

We bring our many years of experience in helping you find the needed approach.  

Technical meeting support

We assist you with the techical aspects of successful visual collaboration. 

Illustration and animation

We take a look at your work, and suggest ways to improve and arrive at a satisfying result. 

Drawing and sketching

We teach you how to develop your own visual langauge and guide you towards literacy

Pen to paper animated videos

We advise on hor to use video to create a compelling story that people remember. 


...if it is not in the above, we will find ways to support you with other needs where we have expertise. 
We cover most areas of visual collaboration

Our team of visual collaborators

Loa designs and facilitates large scale strategy processes and has trained more than 1000 people in visual facilitation.
loA baastrup
Ole is a mster facilitator and assists leadership teams in cultivating a more visual way of working
Ole qvist-sørensen
Sofie uses visuals to turn complexity into visual clarity. Sofie is the illustrator of our book Visual Collaboration.
sofie lind mesterton
Thomas can turn any idea or concept into a powerful illustration with a twist that will make you smile.
loA baastrup
Hans Henrik is from the advertising industry and can draw anything within minutes. 
hans henrik ruus
Marius is devoted to making a difference in the world of new media.
marius klausen
Bettina is an experienced UX designer and trainer and helps people develop digital skills 
bettina gulya
Jacob is a graphic designer with a sense for making simple easy to read illustrations and icons. 
jacob wulf