First Tuesday
Monthly Meetup

Monthly meetings to deepen learning and use of the method and tools of Visual Collaboration.

Meetup Calendar

Meetups are live and not recorded 

Our Meeting Space

This is the virtual whiteboard we use when we meet. As you enter, we ask you to create your own person, ick a spot where you can add your work. It's open 24/7 so stay and look around. Every month we meet here, share work and give and get feedback.

What you need to attend

Two Devices

You can attend the Meetup with one device, but we recommend two as this allows everyone to see each other AND collaborate in our Clubhouse.


Before each Meetup you can find Zoom details and Calendar invite with needed ID and password. You can sign in and get ready 10 min before each session.


We use MURAL or MIRO host the Meetup. No prior experience is needed, but we do recommend taking some of their free online tutorials before.

Time & Presence

Each Meetup is 90 minutes. We encourage everyone to be on and stay for the duration of the Meetup. This strengthens our shared sense of flow and community. 


Peer and instructor feedback & coaching

Grow you skills with the help of a trusted network of professionals eager to see you take the next step 

Unlimited access to resources

Get the best of what the academy has to offer (icons, templates,  tools, on-demand and live courses and webinars)

Specials and rebates on select workshops

Be the first to join new initiatives, get special deals on academy launches and use new resources before anyone else. 

Academy learning and support

Continue the learning with updates and support when you need it
As with the Visual Collaboration Course, our book Visual Collaboration is at the core of this Alumni. You have to have the book to join the Alumni Club.
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Extra attention on needs of the Club members. For example mini videos based on requests and focused coaching 


Learning via use cases where the method and tools are applied to specific challenges. 


Club members gets to present, give and receive feedback to each other and experience expert feedback from Academy instructors. 


Meetups, focused events, team coaching and more, where Club members are gathered around special needs. 


Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Ole Qvist-Sørensen, MA, is a Founder and Partner at Bigger Picture, a consulting firm specializing in strategy communication and visual facilitation. He is co-author of Visual Collaboration.