Education, Learning & Development

All you need for your next moment of impact regardless of it being physically, online, or hybrid.

  • Video tutorials on how to draw icons and templates
  • PNG files as downloads for easy use  
  • All files set up in MURAL/ MIRO boars ready to use 
  • Introduction about when, where and how to use album content
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Learn more about who this Album is for and what you will learn
Are you a teacher, educator, or professor designing and holding learning sessions? 

Or a leader, HR partner, or somehow connected to learning or development in your organization, where you conduct development conversations, design onboarding programs, or are in charge of other internal trainings?

You have come to the right place!
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Icons and templates in PNG files
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Bite sized video tutorials
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With all content in MURAL / MIRO

The team behind this album

Loa Baastrup
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Ole Qvist-Sørensen
Author, visual facilitator, trainer
Sofie Lind Mesterton
Illustrator, trainer
Jacob Ackey Wolf
Illustrator, designer