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To thrive in a global organization, you and your team need to have methods, systems, and behaviors that are both effective and valuable in remote and hybrid environments. Choose from our newest live, online courses and join participants from larger organizations like Maersk, Rambøll, P&G, Lego and many more.

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Miro Mastery
(Level I & II)

Are you a Miro user on starter, intermediate or expert level? No matter which level you are on, join a course that will take you to the next level. Learn how to use tools and features so you can get the most out of Miro. 

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

with Visuals

In this dynamic course, you will re-learn to draw and unlock your creative confidence. It will make you ready to handle complexity, share knowledge, and boost collaboration - through basic sketching and visualization techniques. 

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Design to

Join this intensive course to strengthen your remote facilitation skills. Learn a method and get a tool to improve your next moment of impact. Experience the power of visual thinking and visual collaboration. 

3½ hours | 325 € | Live Online | 6-18 pers

Asking Powerful Questions

The questions we ask and those posed to us fundamen-tally shape the meaning of our lives. This course equips you with strategic skills to use questions as a catalyst for explorative dialogues in the conversations you host.

7 modules x 3½ hours | 2.695 € | Live Online | 6-12 pers

Visual Collaboration Master

Embark on a journey into a new way of working. Learn to apply new skills and tools for designing and facilitating moments of impact in any remote or hybrid setting. Learn with peers, become a certified Remote Visual Collaboation Master, and get lifelong membership of our international network of professionals. 



12 minute inspirational talk on visual collaboration 

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Understand how visuals can strengthen your thinking, communication, and collaboration. And learn how to draw anything.  


Bring your collaboration skills to the next level

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Download the first chapter and the tools of our Visual Collaboration book and discover a more engaging way of working.

Collaboration Tools

Discover one of our visual collaboration tools

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Access our Miro boards for free. At your next remote meeting try "Agenda", "Strategy", "Swiss Knife", "Check-in" or "Project Launch". 

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Proven method

Learn a systematic approach to better collaboration
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Serious fun

Bring creativity into your daily effort to solve complex problems
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At your own pace

Design your own learning path with content tailored to your needs 
The book "Visual Collaboration" serves as the foundation for our Academy. 
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Visual collaboration in a nutshell

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More than 500.000 people are using our free visual collaboration tutorials 

What our learners say 

Bliss Browne

President and Founder
Imagine Chicago
Visual tools work well for managing meetings, programs, and processes in a way that promotes engagement, ownership, and dialogue. What an excellent resource for complex organizations and anyone who cares about activating the imagination and doing social change work well.

Christoph Eisenhardt

R&D Strategy & Change, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH
My organization invited the authors to teach us visual collaboration and to test whether a common visual language could enhance cross-departmental collaboration while creating product innovations. We are very pleased with the results. Visual Collaboration provides is a very successful and practical introduction to this more visual way of working.

Olga Svyrydenko

Business Strategy Lead 
Global Training Partner Program
In my current role at Microsoft I don’t have the luxury of working with people face to face, so we do a lot of joint visualizations on digital whiteboards while connecting team members from all parts of the world. Visual Collaboration provided an extremely helpful method for clarifying goals, working out joint plans and shared responsibilities, and avoiding cultural or language barriers in our teams.

Mastering clarity, engagement and agility

At Visual Collaboration Academy you will meet and learn with experts in the field of visual collaboration and international peer practitioners from the private, public and non-governmental sector.  
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