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MURAL Pilot 

Access a unique suite of tools designed to improve remote visual collaboration.

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What's included?

MURAL is sponsoring the pilot where you learn to use the tools and provide feedback on their value.  

Introduction Bootcamp Workshop 

A three hour workshop where you learn about the Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration. 

Remote Workshop Tools ready to use in MURAL

Ready-to-use MURAL boards in an engaging visual design,  saving you time and inspiring your team.


Virtual session where you learn how to use the tools and customize them to your meetings. 

Albums: Icons & Mini Templates

Easy to use, copy/paste, icons and visual templates for any workshop using MURAL. 

Ongoing Coaching

Short virtual sessions to help you overcome any obstacles you have faced using the tools. 

Feedback Session

Short virtual session to provide feedback and ideas for improvement in the next phase of the pilot. 
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Use this setup in MURAL to get your workshop participant in the right work mode. 
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Workshop Room

Use this setup in MURAL to help your partcipants feel themselves in the same space. 
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Help your participants arrive well by making their own characters in this MURAL setup. 
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A visual language

Use this Album of Icons to create relevant content in your MURAL boards. 

Your commitment

To make this a successful pilot joining includes a "yes" to these three commitments:

#1 Join the sessions

The onboarding session is key to successfully use the tools. The feedback session is vital for figuring out what has worked and what needs to be changed. In between are voluntary coaching sessions for those needing extra support. 

#2 Invitation only

You are invited to join. And you can also invite colleagues from your organization to join. Every participant must sign in to Visual Collaboration Academy and sign up to this subscription in order to use the tools.   

#3 After the pilot

The pilot runs Feb-Mar-Apr 2022. Participating organizations will after the pilot have the option to stop or continue using the tools. The options will be developed during the pilot and presented end of April.