Miro 3 - Øvede (Hold 4)

Kurset er for dig, der allerede er ret god til MIRO og blandt de bedste i Energinet. Du ønsker at tage MIRO til næste niveau og lære af nogle af de bedste til facilitering.

Lær at bruge visuelle redskaber og funktioner i MIRO til at designe og facilitere engagerende og værdiskabende møder i den hybride organisation.


What participants say

Great combination of instruction and hands on opportunity to participate.
Marge Dolan
All of the content is AMAZING. Super engaging workshop. I learned a lot and have tools I can use immediately in my work.
Kathleen Bright
It was a fully packed workshop. Rich in different exercises, a very thought through approach and beautifully executed.  
Marianne Berendse



Welcome to a new way of working 

Sprint 1

Learn to use MIRO like a pro

Sprint 2

Learn to use visuals for collaboration in MIRO


Explore how digital tools can assist you 

What you need to attend


If you have a big screen, en external  mouse + a good camera, you are all set for a great learning experience.


We use Teams. Before the course you will receive an invite with ID and password. 


We use MIRO. Brush up your skills with MIRO tutorials before the course.


Set aside time to prepare, get the tech working, and arrive. Courses often have pre-assignments. 

Included in the course

Learning to visualize

Master how to use the Process Designer for any meeting, process or project
You will walk away having drawn over 25 icons and a hand full of simple template

Remote Workshop Space

You will have acces to a learning space before, during and after the course
You get a PDF with a visualization of the workshop content and co-created output

Easy to use tools

You are provided with a set of tools you can use after the course for most meetings
You create a process design and icons for a specific moment of impact 

This experience will innovate the way you work, communicate, and collaborate.


Jacob Ackey Wolf

Jacob is a designer and illustrator, with a masters in Play Design from Kolding Designskole. He can turn any idea or thought into visuals, whether it's on a stickie note or a virtual board.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Ole Qvist-Sørensen, MA, is a Founder and Partner at Bigger Picture, a consulting firm specializing in strategic communication and visual facilitation. He is a co-author of Visual Collaboration.