Join us at five LIVE (+ recorded) webinars and explore how to design meetings, workshops, conferences, and courses with visuals. 
Wednesdays @ 5.00 - 6.00 pm CEST. Starting October 7th. 2020.  
Half price for book owners - see details below.
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"Visualization lets you concentrate on all the positive aspects of your game" 

Curtis Strange, American professional golfer, 17 times PGA tour winner.
If you (and your team) visually think through your next meeting, you are more likely to achieve success at the meeting itself. In this webinar series, we invite you into our Design Lab to explore how to think through and visually design five different processes: a meeting, a workshop, a half-day seminar, a one day conference, and a two-day training. You are invited to contribute to the lab with your input, insights, and questions before, during and after each session. 

Design Lab Themes

What you need to attend

A connected device

You can attend the webinar from any device with a stable connection


Before each webinar you will receive a secure Zoom invite and ID


Show up with the mind of a young learning (and patience of an elephant)

Included in each webinar


Bring your experience to the lab. We invite you check-in before the session and increase the learning for all. 

Feedback loops

After each session you are invited to give feedback that can improve the next.

Participate at your own pace

All sessions are recorded so you can see or re-visit the session when it suits you.

The Visual Design Lab

We have used MURAL to create an online workspace using "the lab" as visual metaphor. You do not need to be MURAL user to participate. 

These webinars are ½ price if you have bought our book or taken our signature live course "Visual Collaboration" [Team 1-x]

Reach out (mail: academy at biggerpicture.dk) and we will give you access to the Design Lab. I don't have the book yet!


Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Ole Qvist-Sørensen, MA, is a Founder and Partner at Bigger Picture, a consulting firm specializing in strategy communication and visual facilitation. He is co-author of Visual Collaboration.

Toa Maes

Toa is a visual facilitator mastering both analogue and digital tools and methods for collaboration. Based in Amsterdam Toa brings her skills to international large scale participatory change projects.  
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